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Thanksgiving Bird Count Archive

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21th Thanksgiving Bird Count: November 22th, 2012


All right! Bring out your pencils and your envelope and stamps! Its time to participate in a non-electronic count of birds for JUST ONE HOUR on Thanksgiving Day, 2012. Its the perfect opportunity to enjoy the wonderful odors of your favorite holiday meal, or if later in the day, time to recuperate from the great meal you had.


The official bird count form is available here or you can contact Brenda Wright at president@juneau-audubon-society.org  and she will e-mail you a copy.


The instructions are simple and are included on the count form.


Choose a bird feeder or other area you would like to observe, but the count area is just 15 feet in diameter. Count the birds for 1 hour (try not to count birds twice) and that's it. The address to send your count form is on the form. This is the first year you can submit your count on line by emailing:



Any one that sends in a count form will receive a newsletter with the results early next year.  



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