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 2023 - 2024


President - Marsha Squires  E-Mail: president at juneau-audubon-society.org 

Vice President - Nina Keller   E-mail: vice-president at juneau-audubon-society.org

Treasurer - Betsy Fischer    E-mail: treasurer at juneau-audubon-society.org

Secretary -  Thomas (Thom) Young-Bayer    E-mail: secretary at juneau-audubon-society.org


  Field Trips - VACANT  E-mail: field-trips at juneau-audubon-society.org

  Communications - VACANT   E-mail raven at juneau-audubon-society.org 


  Membership - VACANT   E-mail: membership at juneau-audubon-society.org

Education -  VACANT    E-mail: education at juneau-audubon-society.org

  Programs -  Lizzie Solger  E-mail: programs at juneau-audubon-society.org

Conservation -  Winston Smith   E-mail: conservation at juneau-audubon-society.org

Member at Large - Gwen Baluss   E-mail: at-large_a at juneau-audubon-society.org

Member at Large -  Brenda Wright  E-mail: at-large_b at juneau-audubon-society.org

Other Contacts

Web Master - George Utermohle   E-mail: webmaster at juneau-audubon-society.org

JOIN THE BOARD  What a great opportunity !


We have three vacancies at this time:  Education Chair, Field Trips Chair, and Communications Chair

Education  Chair:  Love  to  teach  …  about  birds  and  birding?  The JAS  Education  Chair's  main  responsibility  would  be  to  further  the purposes and programs of the National Audubon Society and of the Juneau  Audubon  Society  through  education,  outreach,  and interpretation.

The Education Chair would plan, develop, and present educational programs  while  coordinating  with  the  Program  Committee. Examples  of  this  can  include  hosting  educational  programming  at regional  schools  and  institutions,  creating  educational  birding activities, attending events on behalf of JAS like the UAS Campus Kickoff, art shows, book releases, and more!

We really need help!  Please contact  Marsha Squires by email: president at juneau-audubon-society.org 


The mission of Juneau Audubon Society:

"To conserve the natural ecosystems of Southeast Alaska, focusing on birds, other wildlife and their habitats for the benefit and enjoyment of current and future generations"


The Raven


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