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Winter Bird Observations

Juneau, Alaska

2004 - 2005


This report on migratory birds and other birds of note observed in Juneau during Winter, 2004 - 2005 was prepared by Gus vanVliet.



The Winter period extends from December 1 through February 28.


BA: Bev Agler

MB: Matt Brooks

LE: Larry Edfelt

RG: Rich Gordon

DM: Deanna MacPhail

MM: Mary McCafferty

NM: Nina Mollett

MS: Mark Schwan

PS: Paul Suchanek

GV = Gus VanVliet


Green-winged Teal: a surprisingly high number of (151) at North Douglas Island on the late date of 17 December (PS), with ~20 overwintering.

Eurasian Wigeon: (2) males and 1 hybrid Eurasian X American male in December; at least 1 male and the hybrid overwintered within a flock of 150 American wigeon (PS, et al.).

Northern Shoveler: (2) on CBC at Twin Lakes (MS) and then on Gastineau Channel through 29 December (PS).

Trumpeter Swan: (6) late migrants flying south near Auke Bay on 5 December (GV) and (2) flying towards Pt. Bridget on 26 December (GV).

Ring-necked Duck: 2 or 3 at Twin Lakes through 19 December (GV, PS).

Lesser Scaup: a small flock of (13) overwintered at Salmon Creek area (GV, PS).

Black Scoter: very scarce this winter.

Willow Ptarmigan: (4) found near downtown Juneau on 27 February (MB) – a surprisingly rare find in Juneau.

Pacific Loon: the largest aggregation reported this winter was only ~40 at the mouth of Tee Harbor (GV) during January and February.

Pied-billed Grebe: (1) immature on salt water along the downtown Juneau waterfront on 13 January (GV) through 28 January (MM et al.).

Western Grebe: (1) at Tee Harbor on 15 January (GV).

Sharp-shinned Hawk: more individuals (both adults and immatures) appeared to have overwintered in the Juneau region than most years – quite widespread.

Golden Eagle: (1) late adult flying south over Pt. Bridget area on 5 December (GV).

American Kestrel: a male attempted to over-winter for the 4th consecutive winter near Mendenhall Wetlands, persisting until 31 January (LE, GV).

American Coot: (3) at Twin Lakes on 4 December (PS) – one persisted through 17 December.

Killdeer: (12) at North Douglas Island on 15 February (MB).

Iceland (Kumlien’s) Gull: (1) and possibly (2) 2nd-winter plumaged individuals photographed roosting among ~50 Thayer’s Gulls at Eagle Beach (PS, photos, BA, MB) – there are very few modern records of this subspecies/hybrid for Alaska.

Black-legged Kittiwake: (1) late-lingerer at Auke Bay on 4 December (GV).

California Gull: (1) late-lingerer at North Douglas Island on 3 December (PS).

Bonaparte’s Gull: (1) lingering at North Douglas Island on 3 December (PS).

Common Murre: a large number of (700+) on Auke Bay on 27 February (GV).

Northern Hawk Owl: (1) near downtown Juneau on 4 December (MM), a rare-ish record for the area.

Northern Pygmy-Owl: in much reduced numbers relative to last winter: (1) calling at 20 Mile on 29 January (GV), and (1) observed intermittently at North Douglas feeder through the period (PS, photos).

Northern Saw-whet Owl: a rare winter record for Juneau of (1) at an Auke Bay feeder on 2-5 February (GV) – the individual succumbed, apparently to cold and starvation.

Northern Three-toed Woodpecker: (3) together at Pt. Bridget on 20 February (PS, photos) may represent a new one-day high count for the Juneau region.

Northern Flicker: (1) red-shafted female (although had red on nape) at a Douglas Island feeder from 30 December – 18 January (PS, photos).

Ruby-crowned Kinglet: (4) at Mendenhall Wetlands on 6 January (GV) – probably a new high one-day count in winter for Juneau.

Townsend’s Solitaire: 1 late migrant at Lemon Creek on 4 December (PS, photos).

Townsend’s Solitaire (Photo by Paul Suchanek)

Hermit Thrush: 1 late migrant at Pt. Bridget on 7 December (PS) and 1 at North Douglas Island on 25 December (PS).

American Robin: a large flock of (33) near Mendenhall Wetlands on 6 January (GV) – probably a new one-day high-count in winter for Juneau.

American Pipit: (4) late migrants at Point Bridget on 7 December (PS), and (1) late-lingerer at Mendenhall Wetlands on 2 January (GV) and 15 January (MB)– very rare winter records for mainland Alaska.

Yellow-rumped Warbler: (1) late-lingerer at Mendenhall Wetlands on 26 December (GV), and another near Lemon Creek on 10 January (NM).

Tree Sparrow: the largest flock numbered (18) at Mendenhall Wetlands on 7-8 January (GV, PS, LE).

Fox Sparrow: (4) zaboria-types overwintered at a downtown Juneau feeder (MM), and (1) dark-coastal bird overwintered at a Tee Harbor feeder (GV).

Harris’s Sparrow: (1) near the Mendenhall Wetlands on 13 December (RG, et al.) and (1) at an Auke Bay feeder on 5-6 February (MS, DM photos, et al.).
Harris’s Sparrow (Photo by Deanna MacPhail)

Rusty Blackbird: only (1) reported this winter, at Mendenhall Wetlands on 7 January (GV, PS).


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