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Winter Bird Observations

Juneau, Alaska

2002 - 2003


This report on migratory birds and other birds of note observed in Juneau during Winter, 2002 - 2003 was prepared by Steve Zimmerman.



The Winter period extends from December 1 through February 28.


BA = Bev Agler

RA = Robert Armstrong

LC = Laurie Craig

DM = Deanna MacPhail

DR = Deb Rudis

GU = George Utermohle

GV = Gus VanVliet

SZ = Steve Zimmerman


Winter was wet and warm in Juneau. Probably as a result, Christmas Bird Count (CBC) numbers of American Wigeon (264), and Green-winged Teal (60) were at record highs, and numbers of Mallards (1,948), Northern Pintail (20), Canvasback (5), Ring-neck Duck (2), Greater Scaup (180) and American Coot (4) were all above average. Highest-ever counts of Killdeer (19), Hermit Thrush (2), Savannah Sparrow (6) and Red Crossbill (359) were also recorded. An Anna’s Hummingbird and a Spotted Towhee were highlights of the season. Large shorebird flocks were seen through the winter months at Eagle Beach (mainly Black Turnstones and Rock Sandpipers with small numbers of Dunlin) and along Egan Expressway near Salmon Creek (mainly Dunlin and Rock Sandpipers).

Tundra Swan. A single bird was seen on the Mendenhall Wetlands on the CBC (12/14). It may have been the same bird that was reported earlier in the month on Moose Lake.

Gadwall. 11 were seen in Juneau on the CBC (12/14). Eight were at Fish Creek on January 3 (SZ).

Green-winged Teal. Sixty were seen on the CBC (12/14). 86 were seen on the Douglas side of the Mendenhall Wetlands on January 24 (SZ). These are very high winter counts for Juneau.

American Wigeon. 264 were seen on the CBC (12/14), a very high winter number for Juneau.

Northern Harrier. A single bird was seen several times on the Mendenhall Wetlands or at nearby Douglas Island from 12/29 through at least 1/2. (BA, GV, SZ)

Killdeer. 19 were seen on the CBC (12/14). 14 were seen at the mouth of Salmon Creek in mid-January (RA)

Greater Yellowlegs. A single bird was seen on several occasions on the Mendenhall Wetlands between 1/13 and 1/21 (LC, GV, SZ).

Anna’s Hummingbird. The bird that was first seen at a feeder in Auke Bay on October 10, was last seen on December 25 when it appeared to have been taken by a Sharp-shinned Hawk (GV)

Varied Thrush. Single birds were seen in the Mendenhall Valley on 12/29 (DM), and at Norway Point from 12/30 through the end of January (GU).

American Robin. Four were seen on the CBC (12/14). A single bird was seen on the Mendenhall Wetlands on 12/22 (DR).

Spotted Towhee. The bird that was first seen on 11/11 was still being seen at the same feeder on Douglas Island through at least early February (BA, m.obs).

Red Crossbill. Many flocks were seen throughout Juneau during the count period. The 359 seen on the CBC (12/14) was an all time high.

White Crossbill. This species appeared to show up later than Red Crossbill, but by the time of the CBC (12/14) they were numerous at some locations on the northern edge of the count area and 368 birds were tallied.


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