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Updated: December 31, 2022.

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Juneau Bird Checklist (revised 2007)

Skagway Bird Checklist (updated 2010)

Skagway Winter Gull Guide

Birds of the Chilkat Valley (Haines) Checklist

Glacier Bay Bird Checklist

2009 Ketchikan Bird Checklist

2011 Yakutat Bird Checklist and Explanatory Notes

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2011 Alaska Bird Checklist

  ADF&G Alaska Bird Checklist (6/2010)

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Project FeederWatch  November 2022 - April 2023

Winter Counting With Project FeederWatch By Lauren Cusimano

The FeederWatch counting season runs from November to April and is  a  survey  of  birds  that  visit  our  porches,  public  areas,  and  other outdoor spots across North America during the winter months. The program  is  exactly  what  it  sounds  like  —  you  watch  birds  as  they feed,  count  them,  and  enter  your  date  online.  According  to  the website  —  FeederWatch  —  your  findings  will  “contribute  to  a continental  data-set  of  bird  distribution  and  abundance.”  This  will also allow FeederWatch scientists to analyze “winter bird abundance and distribution.”

As bird feeders can be problematic in Alaska, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game recommends bird feeders be taken down due to bear activity from April to October. Luckily the FeederWatch data collection runs the opposite months of the year. (But here are other considerations to ensure bird safety, and some excellent tips are listed at

The program, overseen by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Birds Canada, has been around since 2016. Cost is $18 in the United States, which gets you instructional materials, digital access to Living Bird magazine and other birding publications, and more.

Visit  Join, Renew, or Donate - FeederWatch.

 October Big Day/ Migratory Bird Day  2022

Global Bird Day October 8, 2022


Mark your calendars for October Big Day—8 October 2022!  Big Days are a 24-hour opportunity to celebrate birds near and far.  Last October, more than 32,000 people from 195 countries submitted 78,000 checklists with eBird, demonstrating the power of birds to bring people together.


Wherever you are on 8 October, take a few minutes to join the world of birding on October Big Day.  Participate from anywhere—even home!  By taking part in October Big Day you’re also celebrating Global Bird Weekend and World Migratory Bird Day.  Be a part of the global team and help set a new record for October birding.


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Great Backyard Bird Count

Big Day / Global Bird Weekend World Migratory Bird Day


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"To conserve the natural ecosystems of Southeast Alaska, focusing on birds, other wildlife and their habitats for the benefit and enjoyment of current and future generations"


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